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"The Carpet Cleaner"
Green Guard: the World's 1st Approved Green Carpet Protector

Recognized for Safer Chemistry

Other Protectors Claim to be "The Best" but there is only one Green Guard! Not only does Green Guard help to replenish your stain and soil protection, it does it with certified Green Chemistry. Rest assured your home's carpet has been protected
with an EPA Design for the Environment Approved product.

Why Should I Use Green Guard?

Green Guard Carpet protector is the 1st carpet protector to be certified Green by the EPA Design for the Environment Program.

Green Guard is formulated with the following features:

Non Toxic
Skin Friendly
No Frangrances

Green Guard should be applied after each extraction cleaning to help your carpet "Stay Cleaner Longer". Over the course of everyday life your carpet's stain protection weakens due to foot traffic, cleaning, and deodorizing products.


Tough on Dirt & Stains
Safe for Your Family


Simplify Your Life

Stain Resist Properties Restored to Carpet.

Traffic Lanes Stay Cleaner longer.

Approved Safe for Children & Pets.

Removal of Spots & Stains Easier to Clean Up.

Abrasion & Wear Reduced.

Vacuuming is Easier & Efficient.

Superior Resistance to Soil.

Extends the Life of your Carpet.

No More Yellowing or Browning Carpet.


TriPlex Technical Services, Ltd.

How Does Green Guard Work?

Green Guard is a cutting edge encapsulation product that will help your carpets keep a "like new" look.

Anti-Stain Properties
Anti-Soiling Properties
Limits Wicking
Neutralize Alkalinity
Prevents Browning or Yellowing

These properties allow busy traffic lanes to stay cleaner longer as well as protecting against spills, spots & stains.

Benefits of Green Products:

Protects Our Environment - Our Go Clean Green Guard is formulated with our earth and it's inhabitants in mind. These products are fragrance-free, biodegradable, phosphate free and also contains no VOC's. This practice leads to a more positive environmental profile than standrad cleaning products.

Safety - Go Clean Green Guard is formulated to ensure that ingredients contain no components that pose serious hazards. This is beneficial to children and pets who can be sensitive to many of the chemicals in some cleaning products.

Conservation - Using our system can extend the life of your fabric and surfaces.

Education - Tri-Plex Techical Services Ltd. provides all our customers information on the benefits of using formulations with improved environmental and health charactoristics. By using EPA Design for Environment Recognized products you can assure that you are using products designed to protect human health and the environment.